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You two are so mean ;;v;; 
These are going to be real quick cuz I want sleep

Post these Rules.
Give 8 Facts about your character.
Tag 8 other Characters.
Post their names with the creators nam

ArtWing reference updated by KittyHarmony
(I don't have any good individual pictures of her. Haha...)

1) she's good at baking cookies so she often makes some for her family

2) Artie had earrings once but decided to got rid of them. Wasn't a fan 

3) she has a little brother named RedMystery. 

4) Artie is normally isolates herself from other ponies though she might walk up to one of they look nice. If not then she'll tend to stay away.

5) She'll often tease her family member 'MysricStory' during family gatherings or whenever they see eachother

6) She owns three cats. One black one and two grey ones

7) she's obsessed with idols. Ask her about it and she'll turn into a fangirling on you and will not stop talking about it. (And it wount even be in order)

8) when upset, she'll sit down and draw the most random of things.

9) StoeyTeller was her first friend. Since then, they've been best friends. The two can often be seen together, talking about ships and many other things. During sleepovers the two will Live RP characters. Weirdos

10) Artie foalsits whenever her friends need it. Dispite not liking babies all that much, she can enjoy watching over the calm and shy ones. 

11) she loves to cosply. From Vampires to a knight in shining armor. She'll be down to do a cosply with you

12) She. Hates. Shopping. Unless it's for art supplies

13) at school, she hide her half bat half pegasus wings with a spell her mom made

14) she dosent like eating fast food or ordering things at restaurants, those make her feel nervous.

15) She and StarLight(or GoldenWing) are like sisters. Artie was the one who found her one day in the forest after she lost her parents.

16) she hates being a line or in a large crowd. Everypony is in her bubble. She hates that. Even with her friends, she dosent like being surrounded by all of them at once for a long time. It's tiring for her

I'm done! Yay! Now to tag people. Darn, I don't know anyone. My watchers! If you have an OC I will tag you. You don't have to do it. Took me a year for when Cold tagged me plus I forgot the other ones that I got tagged for. Whoops
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Ive been meaning to make this journal a few weeks ago but I kept forgetting. Whoops. But anyhow! I have 121 watchers at the moments I'm making this journal but I still want to celebrate me reaching 100 watchers. So, I'll be drawing 100 ocs not including my own. I'd preferably like pony OCs since I can draw them easier and please do not give me complicated ones. 


-one OC per person. I already have enough to draw

- nothing too complicated 

- you must be watcher, even if you do not get to be in the picture, I'll do this everytime I got 100 more watchers! Besides, if you watch, it'll be one person closer to another 100! The sooner the better right?

-comment your OC you want to be in the picture and one thing that you like about my art and what i should improve on. This is so I know that you read through the rules

-ill feature(is that still a thing?) Your comment so I know who im drawing and so that you know your entry is accepted 

That all i think. Thank you all for watching me! Id never thought id get 100 of you QvQ oh and for the few people who entered when I first announced that i was doing this, no need to give me a link unless you updated your OC I have here!

1.  My pony oc  by Candy238
3.  Vionova Reference by Vionova
4.  Original/Commission: Cold Snap by EStories
5.  Music Wave official ref sheet by Cloudy95
6. Highlights by Benjamin-Delhorno
7.  Calm Waters by xKittyblue
8.  OC: Midnight Dawn, Created By: HopefulDusk by HopefulDusk…
10. Yin by NeroNemesis1
11.  Ponysona: Candy Sweets by CandySweets90240

Those I the first ten spots will get the most detail (bribery, I need more people to enter. I know there's at lest 100 of you people out there so please comment! I'm not a big bad monster!)

This is now open to all my watchers! Because I'll never get to 100. New watchers welcome! The rule is that everyone besides the people who have already entered have to make a journal featuring this. 

( Bonus points for those who make a horrible pun, no reason his for fun)
  • Listening to: Me
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Water(how? Kitty magic.)
  • Drinking: Water(always)


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(thank you :iconxxmintyspacexx: for this picture ;v; )

Hello! I'm Kittyharmony but just call me Kitty okay? I love doing mlp art(I don't watch the show anymore though) and an anime fan. I also write stories. RIP me as I drown in OCs.


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