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LittleRedRidingHood theme oc
AHHH this took much too long! This character is for a comparison I entired like...weeks ago

For AishiranFeather
Hello my fellow humans! First things first, I'm not 100% dead. Tests are coming up and I've mostly been roleplaying will one of my humans which takes up alot of my focus. Anyways I've been thinking about getting one of those tablet things w/the pen...thing. but idk which one to get! I'm looking for one that has a pen of course and that I can continue to lay on my bed and draw w/out having to look up at a computer. Anyone now any good ones? Plz tell me QvQ I love my IPhone but it's really small and I think it's about time to use something bigger and a better program(I really want to use SAI) 

xXmintyspacexX  ik u have one of those tablet things and SAI me
Stolen from AishiranFeather 

How cute you are:

[] Ew not really
[] Gross
[] Ugly
[] You're ok
[] Alright getting better
[] Cute
[] Gorgeous/beautiful
[] Hot!!! B)
[] Perfect~ 
[] I honestly don't know what you look like (but I think you look amazing!! <3)

What we'd look like in a picture:

[] Normal
[] Holding hands
[] Pulling faces
[] Couple poses

Where I'd get your named tattooed on me:

[] My wrist
[] My leg
[] My belly
[] My back
[] My neck
[] My foot
[] My ankle
[] My booty

What we'd do if we lived together:

[] Party, party, party!!!
[] Eat ice cream for breakfast
[] Have pillow fights
[] Go to the bedroom~
[] Have movie nights 
[] Cuddle and kiss~
[] Not live together in the first place...
[] Do whatever you wanna do
[] Do stuff...

What I'd do if you snuck into my room at night:

[] Scream!
[] Tell you to get out
[] Grin mischievously
[] Watch movies with you
[] Let you stay the night 
[] Kiss/cuddle you
[] Blush
[] Attack you

What I'd do to you in the rain:

[] Push you into a puddle
[] Kiss you
[] Hold you close
[] Let you under my umbrella 
[] Give you my jacket 
[] Jump on your back
[] Run away
[] Start to sing randomly
[] Dance with you

What I'd do if I saw you naked:

[] Walk out of the room scarred for life
[] Smirk and laugh
[] Take a picture 
[] Just stand there awkwardly
[] Say, "What the hell?! Get some clothes on!"
[] Blush
[] Walk out as if nothing happened 
[] Scare you
[] Take your clothes 

What I'd do if we kissed:

[] Smile and blush
[] Be surprised 
[] Push you away
[] Pull you closer
[] Bite your lip so you'd bleed
[] Wonder if we would kiss again
[] Slap yo' face!
[] Freak out, squeal and run around
[] Off to the bedroom~

You should...

[] 1. Be my friend
[] 2. Comment to my profile more
[] 3. Watch me
[] 4. Note me
[] 5. Put this as your journal so I can comment too
  • Listening to: Me
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Water(how? Kitty magic.)
  • Drinking: Water(always)
List as many characters from any game you like. (They can be from the same game, but there has to be 10 or more)
Tag 1 or more people when you are done.

Here we go

Ratchet: Ratchet and Clank
Sack boy: LittleBigPlanet​
Larry Di Vinci: LittleBigPlanet 2
Maki: LoveLive
Nico: LoveLive
Tsukasa: Ensemble Stars
Izumi: Ensemble stars
Leo: Ensemble stars
Marth: FireEmblem
Robin(default male my unit): Fire Emblem Awakening
Chrom: Fire Emblem Awakening (everyone, girb yourself! -chrom)

Now I tag!
And anyone else who wants to do this :/
  • Listening to: Me
  • Reading: This
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Water(how? Kitty magic.)
  • Drinking: Water(always)


KittyHarmony's Profile Picture
United States
(thank you :iconxxmintyspacexx: for this picture ;v; )

Hello! I'm Kittyharmony but just call me Kitty okay? I love doing mlp art(I don't watch the show anymore though) and an anime fan. I also write stories. RIP me as I drown in OCs.

My Deviantart humans, no touchies
:iconcoldsnap777: the rare ice pokemom
:iconharmonypegasistertoo: nutshell but I love u
:iconklunalilly: RP partner, loves her OCs
:iconheiwa98: precious human, must protect u
:iconmorning1221: partner in crime
:iconmotleylombaxcrue666: g8 friend, loves RnC but I need to redesign those characters CX
:iconnicholecuki10: student friend relationship status here!
:icontypical-trinity: best noodle ever
:iconusagijoyline: all aboard the shipping train!
:iconxkittyblue: senpie has noticed me qvq
:iconxxmintyspacexx: MintySPICE in my mind (best friend)
:iconlittllebird: you're too kind to me qvq
:iconmlpfrost: frog in a tree wearing a top hat, monocle and a mustache


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